Alami Dunia Penyiasatan Dalam Drama Bersiri Perry Mason Di HBO

HBO GO dan HBO bersedia menyiarkan drama bersiri baru berjudul Perry Mason pada hari Isnin, 22 Jun 2020 jam 9.00 pagi secara eksklusif di HBO GO dan HBO (Astro Ch 411 HD) dengan tayangan ulangan pada hari yang sama jam 10.00 malam di HBO.

Sinopsis Drama Bersiri Perry Mason

Perry Mason ditempatkan di Los Angeles pada tahun 1931 semasa Great Depression. Ia memfokuskan pada watak fiksyen Amerika Perry Mason (dicipta oleh pengarang, Erle Stanley Gardener) yang juga merupakan seorang peguam bela jenayah.

Juga terdapat di HBO di AS, pelakon pemenang Anugerah Emmy, Matthew Rhys (The American) mengambil peranan sebagai Perry, yang terkenal kerana biasa menyiasat kesnya sendiri.

Dalam pada negara-negara lain sedang mengalami kemelesetan besar, Los Angeles berkembang pesat melalui aktiviti Minyak, Sukan Olimpik, Talking Pictures dan Evangelical Fervor. Walaupun begitu, kes penculikan kanak-kanak yang salah menyebabkan Perry menyelesaikan kebenaran di sebalik kejahatan yang sungguh mengerikan itu dan membawa kepada tragedi menyayat hati di bandar itu.

Siri ini berdasarkan watak oleh Erle Stanley Gardner dan di samping Matthew Rhys, juga dibintangi John Lithgow (The Crown), Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black), Juliet Rylance (American Gothic), Chris Chalk (Gotham) dan Shea Whigham (Homecoming, Narkos).

Drama bersiri ini juga turut dibintangi oleh Stephen Root (The Man in the High Castle), Gayle Rankin (GLOW), Nate Corddry (Mindhunter, The Ugly Truth), Veronica Falcon (The Other Woman), Jefferson Mays (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Lili Taylor (American Crime), Andrew Howard (The Oath, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Eric Lange (Narcos, The Man in the High Castle), and Robert Patrick (Scorpion).
(Boleh rujuk watak-watak pelakon drama bersiri Perry Mason: Di Sini).

Episode 1: “Chapter One”
Debut date: Monday, 22 June at 9am exclusively on HBO GO and HBO

Los Angeles, 1931. On the heels of an unsavoury investigation involving a famous comedian, Perry Mason (Matthew Rhys) – a PI struggling to make ends meet – and his right-hand man Pete Strickland (Shea Whigham) are hired by attorney E.B. Jonathan (John Lithgow), Perry's mentor, to solve a perplexing case: the brutal kidnapping of one-year-old Charlie Dodson, whose parents Matthew (Nate Corddry) and Emily (Gayle Rankin) were targeted for a $100,000 ransom. After meeting with Herman Baggerly (Robert Patrick), a millionaire elder at the Dodsons' church, Perry, E.B., and E.B.'s legal secretary Della Street (Juliet Rylance) ponder why a family of unmistakably modest means would be extorted for such a steep price. Written by Rolin Jones & Ron Fitzgerald; directed by Tim Van Patten.

Episode 2: “Chapter Two”
Debut date: Monday, 29 June at 9am exclusively on HBO GO and HBO

Following one of her trademark barn-burning sermons, Evangelical preacher Sister Alice (Tatiana Maslany) offers the Dodsons the church's full moral and financial support – much to her mother Birdy's (Lili Taylor) dismay. During a routine domestic intervention, beat cop Paul Drake (Chris Chalk) is rerouted to a gruesome crime scene, where he follows a confounding trail of evidence. Mason (Matthew Rhys) is left incensed by a jaw-dropping admission from Baggerly (Robert Patrick) and, after pressing Emily (Gayle Rankin) on her husband's alibi, finds himself confronted by an outraged Della (Juliet Rylance). Detectives Holcomb (Eric Lange) and Ennis (Andrew Howard) use Drake's (Chris Chalk) findings to their own advantage. Written by Rolin Jones & Ron Fitzgerald; directed by Tim Van Patten.

Episode 3: “Chapter Three”
Debut date: Monday, 6 July at 9am exclusively on HBO GO and HBO

In order to gain an advantage over E.B. and team, wily district attorney Maynard Barnes (Stephen Root) goes public with a shocking new development. Mason (Matthew Rhys) and Strickland (Shea Whigham) get unauthorized access to physical evidence with help from Virgil (Jefferson Mays), Mason's connect at the city morgue. Later, Mason attempts to extract information from a withholding Drake (Chris Chalk), who's weary of Holcomb (Eric Lange) and Ennis' (Andrew Howard) watchful eyes. Della (Juliet Rylance) notices a change in E.B. (John Lithgow), who seems uncharacteristically out of sorts. Written by Rolin Jones & Ron Fitzgerald; directed by Tim Van Patten.

Episode 4: “Chapter Four”
Debut date: Monday, 13 July at 9am exclusively on HBO GO and HBO

Mason (Matthew Rhys) and Strickland (Shea Whigham) lean on Virgil (Jefferson Mays), again, for extra-legal assistance. Following Sister Alice's (Tatiana Maslany) recovery from a frightening episode, Birdy (Lili Taylor) urges her daughter to renounce her claims about baby Charlie. E.B. (John Lithgow) faces the reality of his financial situation and takes his frustrations out on Della (Juliet Rylance). Written by Steven Hanna & Sarah Kelly Kaplan; directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven.
Executive producers (in alphabetical order), Amanda Burrell, Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey, Ron Fitzgerald, Joe Horacek, Rolin Jones, and Timothy Van Patten (who also directs); co-executive producer: Aida Rodgers; producer: Matthew Rhys; created by Rolin Jones & Ron Fitzgerald; based on the characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner.

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